Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I recently changed my twitter profile. It wasn't easy. Previously I had kept it all business- with my "Creating Menus for Your Table" and then my website. I modestly decided that I should share more of me on twitter, that Arubula's Kitchen isn't just about creating menus, but also what is going on in my world of food decisions/education- plus on twitter I never tweet just about menus.

I had to come up with a description of my business and my self in under 140 characters, no more hiding I was coming out with just who I am.

At last count I had 432 followers, follow 600, and one tweet away from my 3,000 tweet. This blog post will be that tweet. 3,000 tweets. Wow, I apparently have had a lot to say in 140 character intervals.

432 followers only a small handful I know in "real life", that's whole twitterverse of folks who follow my tweets. Who was I to them? There were some really cool followers like Martha Stewart, cookbook authors like Cybele Pascal, Jaden of Steamy Kitchen, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, chefs like Spike from Top Chef, Rebecca Wood, farmers like Smith Family Farm, Verrill Farms, and Applecheek Farms. People trying to change the world like Heifer, ZebraFinch Nathan Winters, Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer, and Lynn Hasselberger. I found support with my son's food allergy from Kids with Food Allergies, Kyle Dine, AllerDine, and Divvies.
It's just cool to watch who continues to follow, some come and go, but many have been around since I joined twitter. I have discovered great products through twitter like BaconMarmalade and GlassDharma straws. I have gotten fantastic recipes from DeliciousDish and How2Heroes that have me running from tweet to kitchen to try out the recipe. I have followed the process of restaurants opening and their success like BergamotBuzz and I have gotten suggestions on where to dine.

So in 2,999 tweets I hope that at least one of those tweets excited a follower to get in the kitchen, try out a new cookbook or restaurant, or just feel like they have a connection in the twitterverse.

What did I come up with for my new profile? "Creating Menus For Your Table: AK is my business. My life is as a mom, wife, beekeeper, student in sustainable ag, trying to save the planet 1 choice at a time"

Now I need a new logo...anyone interested in helping with the design?

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