Thursday, August 4, 2011

Food Wars

Yesterday 36 Million pounds of ground turkey was recalled, processed at a Cargill plant in Arkansas from February to August. 6 MONTHS and it went undetected or even worse, ignored. It was recalled after a person died and 76 super strains of salmonella were reported. Yesterday 3 people were arrested in a swat team raid for selling raw milk through Rawesome, a natural foods buying club.

How many people will be arrested in the ground turkey recall that killed and sickened many? None, and I am positive there weren't any swat teams invading the plant yesterday taking anyone in handcuffs. They will get a slap on the wrist fine that will be small change to a company that is one of the largest of Big Ag Corps and THE largest privately owned Big Ag- with 3.3BILLION Dollars in net profit last year.

Rawesome had $10,000 of raw milk products dumped, computers and cash seized and were raided with guns drawn.

Our food system is broken. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be aware of what you are buying. Food is fuel for our bodies not just something to stop our stomachs from growling or something to do while watching tv.

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