Monday, January 3, 2011


My son has a slurpee addiction....well, he tries to anyway. It's the one logo he recognizes, probably because there are 7 in a one mile radius of my house, so whenever he sees the 7/11 logo  he starts repeating over and over "can I get a slurpee?".

Santa thankfully brought a great gift to both my kid and to us, a Spongebob SnowCone Maker (Santa's elves were unfortunately out of the Snoopy one).

Why I love it:
It doesn't cost $1.30 per slurpee
It doesn't contain the sugar content a regular slurpee does
We get to make it together
It's a nice low-no calorie/make you exercise snack (made of just ice and you try cranking that thing!)
*I did throw aside the kool-aid packet it came with and the squirt bottle. We use just a couple drops of juice or just straight ice.

Why he loves it:
He can make any flavor he wants (just a few drops of any beverage makes him happy)
He gets to make his own slurpee whenever he wants (as long as mom says yes)
He likes the little size (and so does mom)

Now I realize that this can be accomplished in a blender, but you don't get the small size from a blender and the kid doesn't get to make his own snack. Plus who doesn't want to watch SpongeBob spit out crushed ice?

Yes, we use Jack Daniels shot glasses. They are the perfect size and my husband works in a bourbon focused restaurant- dixie cups are a perfect size, or just pour into SpongeBob's cone and then dump into a dish for more eco friendly option.
Thanks, Santa!

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